7 smart home gift ideas for the connected homeowner


Connected devices are the new house rulers of 2015 Gen devices.

They control every corner of our spaces, from our lights and wireless network to our front door and room temperatures. They crack down on security, and they change the way we interact with our home, too. And by and large, it’s all controlled via smartphone.

That makes the smart home lifestyle accessible to virtually everyone. Buying someone a smart-home gift isn’t that risky territory anymore, and there’s lots to choose from. Whether the person on your list has already bought into the connected home, or is just starting to “smarten” their lifestyle, we’ve got all the best (Internet of) Things for this holiday season.

Philips Hue smart lights

Philips HomeKit

The Philips Hue smart lights have been around for years, but now they’re a part of Apple’s HomeKit.


Nest Cam

Nest Cam

Nest Cam is a sleek Internet-connected security camera that’s super easy to setup and use. It’s entirely controlled through the Nest app or online, so it works with your smartphone (iOS and Android), tablet or computer.

Amazon Echo

amazon echo

The Amazon Echo is an interactive speaker that does a multitude of things and has a bit of a personality, too. Voiced by digital assistant Alexa, the device can play music, control your lights, order products directly from Amazon.

August Smart Lock

With the August Smart Lock, you can turn your smartphone into a virtual key. Use your phone to lock and unlock your door and create keys for guests by granting access during specific times. The August app also has a 24/7 activity log that keeps track of who’s entering and exiting your house. The app is compatible with Android and iOS as well as your Apple Watch. It’s compatible with Apple HomeKit, too.



The ecobee3 is a smart Wi-Fi thermostat and remote sensor that learns and understands your home temperature preferences. While other thermostats only read the temperature of one room, ecobee3 senses all. It knows when you’re home and which rooms are occupied, adjusting the temperature accordingly.

Ring Video Doorbell

ring video doorbell

Never miss a bell with Ring, a smart doorbell that comes equipped with a camera. The iOS/Android app gives you instant alerts when someone rings your doorbell. The wide-angle HD camera shows you who’s on your doorstep, so you can see or speak to them via your smartphone.


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