15 Logos U Need To See Again


 Creating the face of a brand that will hopefully become well-known and recognized takes hours and hours of creative processes and thoughtful application. It’s not something you haphazardly create overnight. The way people perceive things, the initial impression a logo makes on someone, and the way people’s subconscious reacts to things they see but don’t necessarily notice straight away, all play a role in the creation. These brand names that you know and might love all took the time to create interesting brand logos with hidden symbols.

Did you know about any of these?

1. Formula 1:

If you didn’t notice initially, the space between the F and the red spikey part creates the form of a 1.

2. Baskin Robbins:

The pink part in the “BR” stands for 31; which is how many flavors they’re known for having.

3. Roxy:

The Roxy brand, owned by Quicksilver, is for girls who love to surf. So they decided to mirror the Quicksilver logo to form the shape of a heart.

4. Big Ten Conference:

This logo is for the oldest collegiate athletic conference in the United States. They started with 10 universities but added an eleventh one and didn’t want to change their logo, so they snuck an 11 in the negative purple space in between the letters.


5. Continental:

The “C” and the “O” in this tire company’s logo forms a 3-D tire.


7. LG:

There are two hidden symbols in this logo; one is a funny take on it.
1) The “L” sits inside the “G”.
2) It can transform into Pac-Man!

8. VIA Rail Canada:

VIA Rail is the train service in Canada. If you couldn’t tell, the blank space in between the writing forms train tracks.


9. Jack In The Box:

The “O” and the “X” cleverly form the shape of a fish; hinting at what it is their company sells (it’s a fast-food chain).


11. Staples:

The “L” is a -you guessed it- staple!


12. Carrefour:

This French international hypermarket chain named Carrefour, which translated to English means “intersection”, has a logo made of two arrows pulling in opposite directions but also has a giant “C” in the middle.



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