12 Most Unusual Bikes That Ultimately Came Out From Mad Scientist Lab


There are people who truly love to be unique, to be one of a kind. They build things or create something that is totally out of the box. It doesn’t matter how it will look, what’s important is its distinctive from the others.  An eye-catching, an attention grabber, a center of attraction straight out of a mad scientist lab like these personalize customize bikes.

1. An Animal Skeleton Bike

1. An animal skeleton bike

2. The Shark Bike

3. A dumb shark bike 

3. The Ladder Bike

4. Unnecessarily tall bike


4. Cardboard Bike

5. Cardboard bike that will ruin in rain


5. A Bike Fit for You and Two of Your Friends

6. A bike for you and two of your sad friends


6. A Trailer Bike, Bringing Home Anywhere

7. A trailer bike that surely can't go up hills


7. A Shoes Bike, Coz Standard Wheels are Too Boring!

8. A shoe bike because standard wheels are overrated


8. A Phonograph Bike!

9. A bike that plays LPs while you ride


9. The Horse Be Like Bike

10. A light-up horse bike


10. A Limousine Bike

11. A limousine bike that defies logic


11. A Toilet Bike, Call of Nature Won’t Be a Problem Anymore

12. A toilet bike because some people have no patience or shame


12. And a Chain Saw Bike

13. And a zombie apocalypse bike. Why not



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